Educational Student Exchange to Wyoming

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Increasing knowledge and skills

A short summary of the project

I'm raising money to help fund my year of studying abroad as an exchange student.

A little bit about myself

My name is Robert, I currently reside in Ballymena and I study Fine Art at Ulster University.

I've learnt a lot from my time at Ulster University, importantly, from it I've learned just how much more I have left to learn! The best way I see to immediately widen this breadth of knowledge is to broaden my scope and set the limits higher. That's where this project comes in.

The project

I am going to the University of Wyoming, bracing their harsh winter, to continue my studies in art from different tutors and students, to have new library resources at my disposal and to teach me what its like to live by myself in a foreign place.

My time away will be both educational, and culturally enriching, teaching me new skills to prepare me for my final year end of year degree show, and indeed future jobs. "The experience will undoubtedly raise me to a position where I will be able to consider thoughts from another perspective than what I am conditioned to believe here in Northern Ireland."

From this experience of living by myself in a foreign place, I will better understand others in this difficult position who find themselves living here. This empathy will help me support them better and give me the ability of relating to them.

So where will all this money go?

One return flight to Laramie is £1000, and on top of this is accommodation, food, daily travel expenses, medical/travel insurance, the cost of required class reading material, and if there is any left after that, art materials!

With the money raised, I plan to help cover these costs 


  • As a reward, I will send a postcard with my personal thanks expressed therein. 
  • For those who wish to give a little bit extra, I would like to offer my services in creating a small artwork in recognition of this. In the process, I may even be able to show something new I have learned! 
  • If you should choose that you don't want a gift then let me take this opportunity now to express my gratitude for your generosity!