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A once in a lifetime opportunity to help Fijian children through education and sports!

A short summary of your project

Thank you for choosing to read about my project!

I am asking for some support in raising the funds needed in order to help pay for my travel costs, visa and living costs towards my project. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I say that with the greatest enthusiasm! I am hoping this will be a life changing experience!

This summer from the 18th of June to the 16th of July I will be part of the Think Pacific Project team which works in partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, National Sports Commission and Ministry of Youth and Sports to name a few. Think Pacific carry out government backed initiatives in rural villages that if not for this project would miss out on these aims. Think Pacific believes that each community deserves the same opportunities and so provides volunteers the chance to make contributions. These are some of the projects from Fiji's National Development plan which volunteers contribute to:

  • Sports Development
  • Leadership & Life Skills
  • Public Health
  • Education & Advocacy
  • Cultural Learning
  • Enterprise
  • Mental Health
  • Project Building

Providing these projects is important to the Fijian communities as they live a basic lifestyle and have very few ways of improving their own circumstances without the help of others. Fijians are caring, loving and very open people who deserve to avail from these projects and live in a more progressive, vibrant and inclusive society. 

All of this work is done with the help of volunteers and without them these projects could not take place much like the donors such as yourself none of this would be possible for the people needing help to volunteer without your donations. 

Who are you?

I'm Kimberley Hewitt a second year Computer Science Student at Ulster University and parent to three young children! Which is part of the reason I am pushing myself to do this project! I was accepted to be a member of the Think Pacific project team with 24 other students; travelling to Fiji to teach and grow a better understanding of the Fijian cultures within their villages.

Your story

I personally have a special place in my life for charities that make a real difference. My nephew was diagnosed with cancer at the age of seven which sadly took his life. Everything was made somewhat easier with the help of the Northern Ireland's Children's Hospice which I have previously raised money for in return for their loving and caring support. It's time to give back but not only to my own local causes but to anyone across the globe who needs it, we are all human and we all need a helping hand at times.

This project provides me with the perfect opportunity to do just that. Having children myself all in primary education I can only imagine the thought of them not receiving the education they deserve or not having access to sports or drama. These extracurricular activities provide lifelong skills important for not only self development but physical and mental health. I hope to coach children in hockey, netball and football as these are sports that I myself am very passionate about. I look forward to teaching Math and English and giving these children the encouragement and support they need which is detrimental to their future and their families. This will be one of my biggest achievements I ever accomplish!

As a donor whatever amount you contribute you will be helping me pay back the good deed of helping and I will ensure I carry out the project to the best of my ability. This will lift the stress of 'what if' in regards to not meeting the financial target I need to in order to attend.

Thank you for reading my story!

Where will the money go?

  • If my minimum target is hit I will put this towards my remaining project fee of £200 and my flights.
  • If I hit my full target it will enable me to attend this project!
  • I will try to give updates weekly.
  • The flights are estimated at £1200
  • Essentials to be bought i.e power surge socket, first aid kit, mosquito net etc. £50
  • Visa is £60
  • Spending money especially in case of emergency £300
  • Fijian Native Clothes £100


  • No matter the amount you give I want you to know I am very appreciative for your support and I will be providing some rewards to thank everyone!

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