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I'm raising funds for a media internship in Hebron, West Bank, Palestine with Go Palestine

A short summary of my project

The Media in Palestine Program is a great opportunity for me to gain experience working with the media in Palestine. I will have the opportunity to visit local radio stations and understand the challenges Palestinian media outlets face due to the occupation and learn how they announce urgent news while navigating the complexities of Israeli censorship and harassment. I will meet with Palestinian journalists to dialogue about media issues in Palestine and ask them any questions I may have. I will visit refugee camps as well as have the chance to learn Arabic and tour a number of historic and cultural sites in the city of Hebron. Through the program, I will have the chance to produce a short film and article to raise awareness about Palestine.  The project will give me a better understanding for my Masters dissertation on how the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is covered in the media.

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Who am I?

My name is Niall Ó Brolcháin, I'm a mature student at Ulster University studying for a MA in International Journalism: Hostile Environment Reporting.  I graduated with a BA Hons degree from UU in Irish Language and Literature.  

I would like to do this internship to see first hand the difficulties that Palestinian people face living under Israeli occupation and to see how the media there works under the constraints of censorship and harassment. 

This is important to me as I have great empathy with the Palestinian people, having been brought up in the north of Ireland during the conflict there.

This is a great opportunity for you to help me help the Palestinian people by chronicling what their daily living conditions are like under occupation and seeing how the media works in Palestine and I will be able to raise public awareness through my experiences there.

Where will the money go?

£500 One Month Internship Fees including accommodation with a Palestinian Family

£500 travel costs


  • £10 - You will receive an email with updates from the trip and a personal thank you
  • £20 - A signed Postcard from the trip, with updates from the trip and a personal, thank you
  • £50 - You will receive a small gift from my trip and a personal thank you.

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