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An educational year long psychology student exchange to the USA with ISEP

A short summary of MY project

I'm raising money to help fund my year of studying Psychology abroad as an exchange student in North America/Canada, enabling me to gain research experience and take part in experiential learning.


My name is Jessica, I'm 21 years old and currently studying Psychology at Ulster University. The most important thing I have learnt during my time at Ulster is the importance of widening my knowledge, broadening my scope and setting the limits higher in order to further my future career as a psychologist.


Through the ISEP Exchange program I am awaiting my placement in one of their North American or Canadian universities to continue my studies in Psychology. Experiencing student life in one of these universities will provide me with invaluable knowledge from different tutors as well as the opportunity to have new laboratory resources at my disposal and to overall boost my confidence in living alone in a foreign place.

My time away will be both an educationally and culturally enriching experience, teaching me additional skills to prepare me for both my final year and future career. This opportunity will undoubtedly raise my confidence and provide me with invaluable social skills in taking on a foreign country alone.

I'm hoping my year abroad will have a worthwhile impact on my studies, providing me with more culturally varied psychological knowledge which I will be able to transfer back into my further studies at Ulster in the future.

SO Where will this money go?

Any money raised will enable me to cover a number of costs necessary for my year away including flights, accommodation, food, medical insurance and the cost of required textbooks!


If you should choose to donate any money at all, no matter how little, let me take this opportunity now to express my thanks for your generosity!