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Helping students experience the physical and mental benefits of surfing

A short summary of your project

The goal of the project is to raise £3,000 to help reduce the cost, so the benefits of surfing can by accessed by all. Surfing is not only a sport but is also therapy. Many students would like to surf but are unable to due to cost. 

Who are you?

We are the student surf committee for this year. We are attempting to provide the best experience possible for members.

Your story

Surfing is expensive as equipment is required to participate. Buying all equipment is not feasible. Even if it was acquired, it adds more logistical problems for our club and the university. We are fortunate enough to be supported by ‘The Surf Project’, that provide coaching, equipment hire, a sense of community and we provide a safe space for students to chat, reflect, socialise.

Surfing is not just sport. It is therapy. Surfing has been used to treat a range of problems, such as anxiety, depression and addiction.

Unfortunately, not everyone can access this surfing. We are asking for help, so the inhibiting factor of cost is reduced so that members can participate in activities that will benefit their health.

Where will the money go?

Coaching, use of equipment, lifeguarding, beach/ocean safety training, heating for the hall to provide a safe space for students where we also engage in theory lessons and warm up afterwards with tea and coffee.


  • Personalised, thank you for your support.
  • shout out on social media or call down to see us in action some Wednesday.
  • Surf Lesson, to personally experience the benefits of surfing and this great club.

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Help us succeed!

All donations of any size is helpful. Not all support is by money. Any effort to share this project or direct potential supporters is greatly appreciated. 

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