Ulster University Gaelic Academy Tour of America

A project by: Cathal Conway


WE RAISED £10,595

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This project received pledges on Thu 17 Oct 2019
The 45 students will visit the cities Boston, Philadelphia and New York.

A short summary of your project

We are raising £7,500 towards the cost of 45 students visiting the cities Boston, Philadelphia and New York.

Activities will include:

- Visiting partner institutions in each city as part of academic activities in each city

-Carrying out practical coaching / exhibition activities in each city

-Connecting with existing GAA clubs in each city

-Hosting networking events for Ulster Alumni and local partners/businesses

-Playing Exhibition games in Boston and New York

-Visiting and coaching with young people from schools

-Organised academic activities and visit and explore famous landmarks

Who are you?

The students come from a variety of different backgrounds from all over Ulster and beyond. They study a variety of courses and all play GAA for the University. 40/45 students have never been to America so it a once in a life time opportunity 

Your story

This is a unique opportunity for many students to visit America. They will experience a new culture, make friends and increase their confidence. It will will also enhance their employability skills to help them gain a graduate job. 

Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will have a great impact on the development of the young students.

Where will the money go?

  • Help subsidise the cost of visiting the 1st and 4th most expensive cities in America;
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Museum and tourist attractions
  • Gifts for our guests and Alumni


  • Hey, we have some fab rewards to thank everyone who donates. E.g. over £5 you will be entered into a draw to win USA tour jerseys. Check them out

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