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I have been accepted to study abroad in SK for a year !

A short summary of MY project


My name is Andrada Deane and I am raising money to fund for my study abroad year. I have been accepted to the university of my dreams in Seoul, South Korea and am hoping to go there for the 21/22 academic year. The prices are quite high for travel as well as accommodation and food, hence I decided to start this project!

Who am i?

I am Andrada, a half Romanian half Irish Ulster Uni student who has always dreamed of going abroad in Asia. I am turning 21 this year and hope to spend the year studying in SK.

My story

When I was 13 years old I discovered Korean culture. Since then I had always wanted to go there and experience it for myself. As i grew older I became fond of the arts and am currently studying animation because of my love for Anime. At 18 I applied to University of Seoul, SK, straight from school. Unfortunately circumstances were not in my favor, and I was unable to go. I though i wouldn't have the chance to go study there anymore so, I began studying in Belfast. I kept my love for the culture an began learning the language and making the food for myself. In 2020 I was given the opportunity to study at a university in South Korea and I quickly applied. It was a though process and a lot of waiting but eventually in late April I was confirmed as an exchange student at the University of Seoul, where i had applied 2 years before, 

Where will the money go?

The money from this project will go into funding for my life over there. I have a student loan but it does not cover the cost for accommodation and travel that I require. Unfortunately because of Covid I am unemployed and haven't been able to save much from my own. Your help will ensure that I can afford a meal and a bed to sleep in during my studies in South Korea. It would also ensure my safety as I will be putting some of the funding towards personal insurance, in case anything happens. 

  • Accommodation and University meals : £6200


If you would like to contact me my email is

Thank you for your time. Every little donation will help me make my dream come true.