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Hey everyone!

I am hoping to raise £1,500 to help fund my trip to Fiji (July 2020) with VESA, which is a non-profit organisation. 

During my time in Fiji, I will be living with a host family in the village of Nadi. The prevalence of poverty in Fiji has resulted in a lack of regular access to safe water, therefore, many households are at risk of contracting water-borne diseases. In Nadi, I will be involved in an infrastructure project. This involves building vital facilities, such as rainwater tanks that guarantee year-round supply of fresh, clean running water (something we take for granted!), composts and incinerators for the village.

In addition, I will be involved in an education project teaching local primary school kids English and Maths, as well as the importance of nutrition and basic hygiene.


My name is Charlotte Gardiner and I am a second year Dietetic student at Ulster University, Coleraine. I am from Ballyclare, so plan to hold offline fundraising events between both locations.

I am eager to take part in this programme as all money raised directly supports the people of the village, who are much less fortunate than us. It is also a life changing experience for myself, living with a local host family, I get to experience a different culture and way of life first hand! 


Since 2009 VESA have provided direct action support to communities in developing countries often overlooked by traditional charities. This includes projects in Fiji, South America, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

VESA's volunteer projects are important for the local communities as they aim to secure the long-term social and environmental futures for the locals. 

In Fiji, VESA volunteers have already:

  • constructed 3 bus stops for school children's safety,
  • constructed 20 sustainable garden units for fresh vegetables at primary schools, 
  • spent over 5,000 hours on coral replantation and native tree replantation on Taveuni Island,
  • and spent over 20,000 hours teaching in local schools.

Where will the money go?

Your kind donations will contribute towards such work!

Refurbishment is at the heart of these projects. The majority of the money goes directly to VESA to help buy equipment, building materials and hire local skilled trades people to assist on projects. VESA also use the money to support these communities all year round. A monetary donation is also made to the local host organisation.

During my time in Fiji I will be staying with a local family, so a small part of the money goes towards my accommodation and meals for the duration of the project, as well as my transport around Fiji. 

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