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My son is a student of Ulster University Magee, he is studying Stratified Medicine

God bless EVERYONE involved in the fight to save lives.

We need local testing in the western trust area so we can overcome the pandemic and I believe this is a great initiative and hope and pray it helps to save lives.

Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work and good luck

For my grand daughter 🙏

A massive thanku to everyone in the medical (and extended key worker) community who are working extremely hard and tirelessly to ensure we get through this pandemic x

Hoping and praying that you can develop, process the kits for our community at the Causeway coast and for the people of Northern Ireland.🙏👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Please test the vulnerable be patients first such as cancer patients and the elderly and the staff who look after them. Thank you for all your hard work and compassion for your patients.

Keep up the excellent work

Thank you! I am glad to have a chance to contribute a little bit regarding the project. May God bless people in UK!

This is an excellent initiative. I extend my most sincere thanks and best wishes to Tony and his team.

Best wishes

If the government won’t do it then the least we can do is fund it ourselves and hopefully stop this plague in its tracks!

Thank you.

Good luck and wishing you every success ..Your Country Needs You.

Good luck and all the best!

Great initiative wishing you all every success.

Wishing you the very best and I very much appreciate your work

Only small amount but if as many of us can afford to give this amount we can eliminate this virus.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

Good for all NHS workers and Supporters!

Great appeal good luck

Thank you for all you are doing.

Very proud of Tony and all his people at the University.

Great initiative to help the local community during these challenging times. Good luck!

Much needed. Do your best

I'm really sorry it's not more money but it's what I can afford as I have to be careful as I work for a charity and I am unsure as iare others as to whether I am going back to a job. Please accept my tiny contribution in your efforts to combat this virus. Please take care of yourselves during this time.

Well done.


Bon chance

You made it and then some!

Well done UU. Heres hoping the new equipment can be purchased asap and the technicians get the testing up and running

I wish you every success with this valuable endeavour.

Great work. Anyone of us may be in need.

Thank you to one and all who are working so hard to save lives. It’s amazing to see and hear that so many are going beyond the call for duty.

Stay safe!

Keep up the Great Work UU

Good work. Good luck. I know you'll be doing your best.

Keep on with your work to help and test our essential care staff.

This is an important cause to support as the COVID19 affects us all in our daily lives

Well Done to Tony and the team. Wishing the very best of success with this appeal. Proud of what you all are doing. Keep well and safe

I wish you all the best tony.

Wishing the project every success.

Really hope you achieve this and please remember the need for testing within care home settings

Thank you

Love your work Tony and team!

I hope you raise your target. Thank you

Well done to Tony and team you are doing a fantastic job.

Bail ó Dhia ar an obair! Don't know if I got my Graduation year correct - too long ago! Mairead

This donation comes from a group of visual artists located on the North Coast who go under the name "Firsty North Coast (Coleraine)". We hope that our donation will help us all (old and young, artists or not) reach a post-pandemic time when getting involved, even in a small way, in the creative arts comes as naturally as breathing.

Good luck

Thank you to all the NHS workers for everything you are doing for all of us.

Hope this helps you attain your goal. I attended there a long time ago as did my Wife and one of my daughters, it is a truly great place. Thanks Gerard

Glad to help testing of NHS staff

A very important way to help protect our community and frontline workers in particular. Good luck to all.

Coolkeeragh ESB Ltd looking to support the local community at this time.

Great to see this initiative on such a vital topic.

Tony Delighted to help. Your skills and expertise can scarcely have been more important. Thanks for that and all you folks do. Best Niall

I have no doubt you will raise the amount and more. You all do a wonderful work at Cedric. God bless you all x

Stay at home! Safe Lives! Support NHS!

Foyle College Socially Distant Guest Tea

Great work - hope you reach your target. Very fond memories of my time at Ulster Polytechnic. (Yes it was a long time ago but I can still remember) Good luck, wishing every success.

Best of luck with this great initiative

Great initiative. Thanks to @foylecollege also for directing all proceeds of their 'socially distant coffee morning' to this very worthy cause.

This is such an important project. Good luck in reaching your target and success in future research projects!

Good luck!

Thanks to UU and all who have joined the efforts to stem the spread of this virus, god bless you all x

Excellent initiative. Best wishes.

Wishing you all well!!!

Great project. Best of luck to reach the target! 🎯

Many thanks to our medical staff and research teams at the front line.

Good luck!

Good luck with this project

Fantastic to see this support coming in for the appeal

Great work. Well done to all involved from Legal Island and staff

G'waaan. xx

I wish you well in the vital work you are doing

Best of luck with the project, I hop you exceed your target and can offer testing to carers in the community also. Wishing you every success.

I’ve had it and my son now has is, but we’re fit and healthy, this small token is for those less well off in health. Do your best by our community.

Fantastic initiative, thanks

Worthy cause

You are all doing amazing work thank you!

Very happy to help my alma mater and their efforts to assist medical staff in the city and county I called home for my university live. Everybody needs all the help they can get during this difficult time.

Best wishes...everything helps in this awful crisis

Go, Tony!

Wishing you speed & success

Brilliant work Tony & Co!


Thank you all for making a difference on our behalf.

Your end of donation questionnaire does not have a category for ex staff

Great work Tony et al

Great Project

Thank you for trying x

Happy to support our amazing NHS staff. You are fantastic. Thank you for doing all that you are for our community.

Great initiative that will save lives and protect our NHS

Keep up the great work, Tony & crew!

I hope you exceed your target

Do the right thing everyone. A donation of any amount no matter how small will help testing and will inevitably lead to protecting all NHS workers and leading us to get through these extremely difficult times

Impressed that this much needed project has been initiated within my neighbourhood

I really hope you reach the goal of £100K, good luck in raising the rest of the money. I will try my best to get more sponsors.