Teaching children in Fiji this summer!

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Myself and 21 other Ulster university students are hoping to enrich the lives of Fijian children.

A short summary of your project

Hi everyone, 

I have been given this amazing opportunity, alongside 21 other Ulster students to go to Fiji for a month this summer. What will I be doing? I will be teaching Maths, English and various sports to children of a primary school age. Furthermore, I will offer one-to-one support to those who are struggling with particular aspects of the curriculum and encourage each pupil to develop a passion for learning and physical activity. 

Who are you?

My name is Amy and I am a second year student studying Consumer Management and Food Innovation. I am 21 years old and I am currently trying to secure a placement for third year, which will hopefully be in the teaching industry, with a focus on health promotion, as that is the career I aim to achieve. 

Your story

This unique and educational experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will not only benefit the children I am teaching, but will allow me to further increase my knowledge about teaching. Also, engaging with the children each day will help me to develop my communication skills and interpersonal skills. During my time in Fiji, I will be living with a Fijian family, allowing me to experience a different culture and embrace their way of living life. 

Where will the money go?

Essentially, the money I am raising is to go towards flight costs.

I have already raised £400 by doing dry-January. An estimation of flight costs is £1,000, hence why my target is £300, as I plan to use my wages from my part-time job to pay the remaining £300. If you would like to find out further information please follow this link:


Whilst in Fiji I hope to be able to give updates when given the opportunity, as internet there is very limited and I wish to use little to no technology to fully embrace the Fijian way of life.