How to Bind a Demon

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“How to Bind a Demon” is a Comedy/Horror short film set in Northern Ireland

A short summary 

We are raising £300 to make a short film called 'How to Bind a Demon'. Its a comedy horror set in Northern Ireland.

Whats the film about?

“How to Bind a Demon” is a comedy horror which follows Aoife and Emily, two young women who

have discovered an ancient book of spells, in what seems to be a dead language. Aoife convinces

hesitant Emily to come with her to an abandoned barn to cast a spell from the book that she has

deciphered using Google translate. Aoife and Emily believe they are summoning a Genie to grant

them a wish but in an occult twist, accidentally summon and bind Aoife to a demon named Amos.

The girls attempt to separate themselves by physical means whilst Amos watches them in disbelief.

They eventually agree that the only way to separate them is for Amos to grant Aoife’s wish, which he

cannot do, so they have to go the long road and work for it to come true. In order to blend in with

the rest of the world, Amos possesses Emily and they set off to grant Aoife’s wish... Fame.

Who are We?

The film is being make by the Film Society of Ulster University Belfast in combination with a lot of other passionate film makers! It will star Tasha Zoe Henderson, Thea Miller and Elliot Norman; be produced by Cameron Stott and will be directed by Tanith MacLynn-Hill.

Our story

The Film Society are a group of students and film makes from all across the UK connected by Ulster University that are passionate about making films. Making this short will not only let us provide great entertainment but will also let us further and develop our careers as film makers. Your donations mean the world to us and you are actively helping us make something that we are all so passionate about.

Where will the money go?

Our funding will go towards increasing our production value and will help us pay the entry fee for entering into film festivals!

We need a minimum of £100 to hire basic equipment for the shoot, then if we hit our full target of £300 we will be able to hire even better equipment and buy makeup, costume and props to make the film more interesting, as well as paying the entry fee for film festivals. Any extra funds we receive will again go towards art department but will also help us have a great film premier for you all to attend!

Updates will be up here and across all of our social medias when he have exciting news to share. our cast and crew will be posting their profiles so you can film out a little more about their roles on set. We will also be providing brilliant concept artwork to show you that our amazing illustrators are working on so that you can really visualise the film.

Breakdown of costs:

  • Film Festival Entry: £35 each
  • Lighting Generator: £50 per day
  • Makeup: £40+
  • Costume: £20+
  • Props: £50+
  • Lighting Rental: £50 per day
  • Screening: £100+


For your kind donation you will receive a ticket to the first ever screening of the film in September at the Belfast School of Art.

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