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A small team of creatives and designers with a shared passion for sustainability

MALA - A pocket where design meets function

We are a small team of creatives and designers with a shared passion for sustainability, who came together with a simple idea: to create minimalist, multi-functional bags. Just think of a pocket but even better, it's so versatile, you can wear it round your waist or around your shoulder! Our bags facilitates a wide range of customers needs, from students to hairdressers to even gardeners! We've just launched our first collection "The Logia Pocket Bag" and now we need to raise a minimum of £1000 which will help us prototype and develop our new collection "Easa" which we hope to launch end of August 2020! We're super excited about this collection because we believe our bags are unique because we offer a zero-waste pattern cutting and to be durable and long-lasting for everyone.

Who are we?

The Mala team consists of Katie Ireland who is the managing director, Samanta Radek who is head of design and Rachel Okungbowa who is head of marketing. All members share a degree at Ulster University, with Katie and Sam's interest in BA (Hons) Textile Art, Design and Fashion and Rachel, a MSc in Marketing.

Your story

While studying at university, we joined Young Enterprise programme which was such a great experience, we identified the the lack of pockets for women's outfits and realised that other customer segments could benefit from our bags, men included! It was during this process we learned how much potential we saw in Mala and make the decision to take it further than a Young Enterprise project. The name Mála, it is the Irish word for ‘bag’. We chose this to represent our shared heritage, all of us living within Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and also because of a shared interest in heritage and textiles, particularly in the industries and trades that were once prevalent across the island of Ireland. We want to Mala to grow and possibly reach international level because we believe our bags are needed in the fashion sustainable industry.

Where will the money go?

  • Research and development for new bag collection "Easa"
  • User testing
  • Fabrics
  • Packaging/materials
  • Outsourcing staff (seamstress)
  • Marketing costs (social media ads)
  • Influencer outreach marketing 


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Images and video

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We want to launch our new bag collection "Easa" by August 2020 so please sponsor us and help make this happen.

Many thanks in advance!