Special Needs Care Project in Kenya.

A project by: SarahBohan

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Completion Date: Wed 15 Dec 2021
Volunteering as a student Occupational Therapist for 5 weeks in a special needs school in Thika.

About the project

My name is Sarah Bohan and I will be completing my final year role emerging placement volunteering in a special needs school in Nairobi, Kenya from 31st December to the 5th February. I am volunteering with the International Volunteers HQ organisation (IVHQ) along with two occupational therapy students. The role emerging placement will take place in a school setting where there are no occupational therapists present. As occupational therapy students we focus on the client’s meaningful occupations and what is important to them. Therefore, I will be assessing the children, collaboratively setting meaningful goals with the child and their family and develop person-centred interventions to encourage development of skills, participation and confidence when carrying out their occupations. I will also be educating and providing support to the children’s family, the school and the local community regarding individualised interventions and resources. 

Where will the money go?

I will be purchasing equipment and resources to implement in the school such as fine and gross motor activities, adapted cutlery and sensory mediums to implement a sensory room/area. I will be leaving the equipment with the children, families and the school to enable them to continue the development of skills and confidence.

As I am volunteering, the money will also be used for my accommodation costs. I am funding my flights, insurance, vaccinations, programme costs including accommodation, food and travel in Kenya.

Breakdown of costs:

Accommodation: £910

Flights and flight insurance: £829

Visa: £56

IVHQ Insurance: £129

Vaccinations: £100

Equipment and resources: £150 each (totalling £450). 


I will write an individualised letter documenting what I implemented in the school and how this impacted the children, their families, the school and the community. I will also include displayable information which would enable the sponsor to display this information. 

Help this project succeed

Sharing this project with as many people as possible would really promote its success. I really appreciate any donations and your support in sharing it.