We believe scholarship appeal

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We believe scholarship appeal

Ulster has an outstanding reputation for supporting students from low-income and disadvantaged backgrounds. However, with the emergence of COVID-19 and is continued effects on our society, you can imagine how our limited resources are being called upon by students now more than ever. Many students have lost part-time jobs and are experiencing reduced family income, with this being unlikely to change any time soon. These unprecedented times are presenting a whole new set of challenges for students and while we welcome the government’s announcement of a £500 grant to all full-time students, we know that this isn’t enough and the demand for support from those hit hardest will continue to increase as the academic year goes on. From our experience, we also know that part-time students, who are not included in the funding packing tend to be those struggling most as they are the ones that have parental or caring responsibilities, have mortgages to cover and who are now finding themselves out of work.

By launching the We Believe Scholarship Appeal, we are calling on the Ulster University community to come together and help our most vulnerable students.

The booklet attached will give you more detail of our Appeal and examples of how together we have supported students in the past. If, after reading it, you feel you are in a position to support our you can simply donate on this page or to speak to someone about your giving please email d.mcgrath@ulster.ac.uk

the need

In the current extremely challenging times, unfortunately we are seeing even greater need from our students. If you can, please consider making a gift today on this page. All funds will be used to benefit our students in Northern Ireland.

Why are scholarships so important?

Caoimhe is a first-year Law student at Ulster University. Due to many challenges, Caoimhe left education for a number of years but is now, against all the odds, studying part-time which allows her to hold down a job, as well as look after her two-year-old son.

As a former victim of domestic violence and the related emotional trauma, Caoimhe was determined to create a better life for herself as well as inspire her son, and chose to study law at Ulster University.

With the additional help provided by an Ulster University Student Fund scholarship, which is supported by the University’s graduates and staff, she is already on track to succeed at her studies and build a bright future.

“The scholarship is already improving my experience of University life, reducing financial pressure, and making for a healthier learning environment where family life and University life can co-exist .”

Although she is struggling financially (primarily due to the lack of funding for childcare for part time students), she is determined:

“The prospect of life with a degree far outweighs any deterrence or obstacle. And I want to make my son proud and show him that anyone, from any background, despite the odds, can create a better life. Thank you for any donation you can give to this Fund; your support really can change lives - I can’t tell you how grateful I am.”

THANK YOU for anything you can give today.