VESA Ecuador trip 2020

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This project received pledges on Wed 05 Feb 2020
Dedicated to helping people in need and the environment

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The £1375 is to fund the non-profit organisation VESA on providing unique opportunities for:
  • families to gain access to adequate sanitation
  • the educating of children in schools to allow them to follow their potential
  • the protection of endangered species and the environment.

I'm Hannah Fullerton and I want to take part in the programme to be given the opportunity to play my part in making a brighter future for many different people around the globe who cannot help themselves.

I will be involved in,

  • building bathroom blocks for the improvement of sanitation of many indigenous families
  • aiding the building of houses
  • refurbishing schools
  • educating the next generation
  • Reduction of river pollution and increasing environmental awareness

This is an important cause if we want to move toward a life without poverty and a chance to allow the future generations to enjoy the planet as much as we have. To help make a difference please donate today.

Where will the money go?

The majority of the money will go directly to VESA for the tools and materials vital for the building up of the local communities and their homes. They will also continue to support these communities even after the project has finished.

The rest of the money is required for acommadation and flights to allow me to partake in this wonderful lifechanging programme.

Help us succeed!

Spread the word, the more people who know about this amazing project, the greater the aid that can be provided for those who need it the most.

Don't hesitate donate or share to do your part in helping to move towards a brighter future for everyone,

Thank you