Lost in Ireland

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Raising money for Mind your Mood and UUMC

The Ulster University Mountaineering Club are raising funds in aid of the Mind your Mood initiative by Ulster University.

Lost in Ireland is a unique fundraiser where participants are paired off, blindfolded and driven to a random location on the Island with only the clothes they're wearing and an emergency telephone. Once dropped off teams must race to get back to Belfast before other teams by whatever means necessary.

MindYour Mood, managed by Ulster University Student Support, is designed and delivered by students who have lived experiences of mental health illness to help:

- build resilience to avoid mental illness,

- provide support at the earliest point to avoid progression of mental illness to something more serious and threatening,

- build resilience and awareness and provide support to help students with already diagnosed mental illness.

All funds raised will be split 50/50 between Mind your Mood and Ulster University Mountaineering Club. The event will be on the 24th March.