Lost in Ireland

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On Saturday two teams were lift in the middle of Leitrim mountains at 11am. No money or phones. They were given a set of co-ordinates and told to get there. The co-ordinates led to Belfast. The PJ team hitchhiked to Bundoran. Raised a few quid and bussed back to Belfast. Similar tactics from the KJ team who hitchhiked to Enniskillen and bussed it to Belfast.

Philip and Jack taking off.

Upon getting to Belfast both teams were given a riddle "Between light and dark, monks live here". Both teams quickly figured out it was Greyabbey! The race was on to get there first. PJ team used leftover money to get the bus. The KJ team hitch hiked it. Keaton and Jasmin were the winning team reaching Greyabbey an hour ahead of the other team at 8.50pm.

Jasmin and Keaton (The winning team!)