Stethoscopes & Arclights for Students Appeal

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Stethoscopes and arclights for students

Ulster University’s Stethoscopes and Arclights for Students appeal aims to provide each of our new 77 first year medical students with a stethoscope and Arclight, and we are calling on our alumni and friends to help support our students in this personalised and meaningful way. This is a special way to invest in and connect directly with our future doctors.

The stethoscope is one of the most fundamental 'tools of the trade' for a doctor, and for every medical student, receiving a stethoscope is a powerful recognition of their first steps on the journey towards being a fully-fledged medical professional. 

"A stethoscope is an essential piece of equipment that physically connects the doctor to their patient," says Professor Louise Dubras, Foundation Dean of Ulster University's School of Medicine. "Holding one's first stethoscope is a rite of passage that all doctors remember and cherish. We are also delighted to be welcoming Ulster University's second cohort of medical students this month and providing them with a stethoscope signals the start of their journey to becoming a doctor."

This year, in addition to giving each student a stethoscope, we would like to raise enough funds to also provide them with an Arclight.

An Arclight is a new miniature low-cost, all-in-one handheld medical device, used to examine and diagnose eye and ear conditions. It is an ideal tool for students to practice with regularly to build competency and confidence to take forward into their working life. 

The Stethoscopes and Arlights for Students appeal is a great way for the Ulster University community to support the School of Medicine and our current students. 

Where will the money go?

  • Our target is £10,780 to support each of our 77 new first year medical students with a stethoscope at a value of £90 each and an Arclight at a value of £50 each.
  • A gift of £90 will cover the cost of a Littman Classic III stethoscope and celebrate an important milestone for our future doctors. When the student opens the stethoscope box, they will find a card with the donor's name and personal note wishing them the best for their medical education and career.
  • Or an exceptional gift of £140 will enable us to provide both a stethoscope and an Arclight to one new student, transforming the start to their future career. 
  • A gift of £50 will allow us to buy an Arclight that will equip, train and empower our new student doctors to confidently diagnose and manage eye and ear disease.
  • A gift of any amount would go a long way towards the purchase of a stethoscope or Arclight.


  • By providing the full £90 cost of a stethoscope or £140 for both a stethoscope and Arclight, you can include a personal note to be given to the student in the presentation box.
  • You can also choose to receive a personal thank you from the beneficiary of your gift.

help us succeed!

We hope you would like to support this appeal and help our future doctors in this tangible way.

Please also share this appeal with your friends, family and contacts via email, social media or word of mouth.

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