Stethoscopes & Arclights for Students Appeal

A project by: Ulster University


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This project received pledges on Tue 30 Aug 2022

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Just a small token of appreciation to both the University because of the excellent education I was afforded that allowed me to subsequently grasp career opportunities and to our hard working medicine students, who eventually contribute to our lives in such a valuable way.

I love this appeal. I feel part of a student's journey to becoming a doctor.....and that's better than any medicine!

It's great to see the School of Medicine go from strength to strength and to support our future doctors.

Very happy to support this appeal and our future medical workforce! Good luck to the second cohort of UU School of Medicine students!

a PLEASURE TO BE ABLE TO HELP AGAIN My daughter who is a doctor was always very young looking, and in training her stethsocope was her " proof" that she wasn't just a visiting teenager!

Super proud of every student who gains a place on the course and commits to studying medicine. It’s a tough journey but immensely rewarding and thousands of future patients will benefit from the commitment these students make now.

Good luck to the 2nd cohort of students to the School of Medicine at Ulster University

Please support the Medical Students @ Magee, some of whom we hope will remain in our area and become part of our community!